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Our community covers all aspects of video delivery solutions including: Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS), Cable Television, and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). It can be a card inserted incorrectly, a faulty card reader in the receiver or a faulty CAM card. Diagnostic Code: H / HR 24s and higher only| Probable Cause:There are too many receivers/tuners connected to the SWiM.See SWiM Installation Limits if needed. If it fails, a problem is likely with the coaxial cables, splitters, or fittings. this contact form

H / HR 24s and higher only | What to do: Reset the receiverRun system diagnostics again.If code 16 persists, offer a receiver replacement.This test ensures the coaxial network chips in N/A 75 On Screen Text: External Storage Error Detected a problem was detected reading your external storage device. If still a problem: Do NOT try to reformat from the front panel. Communication problem between receiver and home network or router.Code 71 - Cannot Detect Internet.Overview:Your receiver detects the presence of a home network, however it can not access the Internet.

Directv Diagnostic Code 14

Replace receiver. 22 Internal Storage Error Detected. If a forced callback does not succeed see above reminder: "For Ext 731-743". - Related OSD is 780 for broadband connected boxes. 732 IPPV Purchase Limit Reached IRD needs to call Verify cabling from the ODU to the STB.

DIRECTV Error Code 721 This error might be caused by one of the following situations: The channel you're trying to watch is not included in your programming package. Replace receiver.22 |Internal Storage Error Detected. | The HDDVR was rebooted while uploading new hard drive firmware. Codes 93-99 - HR44 Wireless Networking Issue Overview:HR44 Genie DVRs are equipped with internal wireless adapters that are designed to connect to the user's home wireless network. Directv Error Code 4 That may fix the problemTroubleshooting:Code 14 indicates trouble communicating with the hard disk drive while 15 indicates the drive is accessible but does not pass integrity tests.

Troubleshoot Receiver Error Codes In rare instances, you may see a message with an error code on your TV screen. Directv Diagnostic Code 72 Have an Error or Diagnostic code? How to Reset DIRECTV Receiver There are two ways you can reset your receiver: Method 1: Press the Reset button On some DIRECTV receivers there is a red reset button located https://support.directv.com/app/answers/list/kw/error%20codes In most cases, you can easily resolve the issue yourself by following our step-by-step troubleshooting instructions...

These network drops may be due to intermittent interference and may not be present at the time of test execution. Directv Diagnostic Code 22 This will normally require an IV waiver. Codes 40, 41, 42, 43 - ODU Alignment Problem/Signal Distribution Problem The ODU may need a pointing adjustment that might be causing searching for satellite signal issues. Some of my family members were on TV and really want to save the segments if possible.You can try multiple reboots.

Directv Diagnostic Code 72

We're sorry, we couldn't find any answers that match the filters you have selected. http://forums.solidsignal.com/showthread.php/79-DIRECTV-Diagnostic-Error-Codes-and-Solutions You will need to replace the HR23-700 receiver. 25 H2x flash memory corruption is detected. Directv Diagnostic Code 14 Your receiver will attempt to repair it now. Directv Diagnostic Code 86 In rare instances, the signal between your dish and the satellite might be temporarily lost due to a severe storm.

It can be a card inserted incorrectly, a faulty card reader in the receiver or a faulty CAM card. weblink Replace receiver. 23 Internal Storage Error Detected. Perform a "Factory Default" through the IRD menu. If the receiver has been working on a SWiM network and there is a loss of the control channel, the 771A OSD will display. Directv Diagnostic Code 43

Have an Error or Diagnostic code? We're standing by to answer your questions. If your network does have a broadband connection present, this may be due to the receiver not obtaining a DNS entry during DHCP negotiation with your home network. navigate here If your home network has a non-dialup Internet Service, please check your Internet connection and router settings.

Troubleshooting:This is a basic dial tone test. Directv Error Code 5 Find out what it means and how to fix it here: Click MeHaving issues with your HD locals? Some on bootup, some in the system test screens, etc.They were mined from a variety of internal and other sources.

Diagnostic Code: H / HR 24s and higher only Probable Cause: There are too many receivers/tuners connected to the SWiM.See SWiM Installation Limits if needed.The SWiM has enough space for Tuner

Featured Support Products Billing How to pay your bill How to read your bill How to sign up for Paperless Billing How to redeem your rebates Billing and account support Auto Replace receiver. 23 Internal Storage Error Detected. Still need help? Directv Result Code 88 HD DVRs: HR44 + AM21; HR24 Receivers: H25-500 HD Receiver Mobile Devices: NomadAdditional equipment configuration detailsSun & moon help site your satellite dish Back to top #19 OFFLINE RobertE RobertE

Does the error message appear when you're watching a live or recorded show? This may affect performance. Follow procedure for "731- Access Card Full".734 | Unable to Request IPPV | IPPV flag set to No in the billing system. his comment is here An accidently attached b-band converter can also result in a loss of SWiM communications.

Select "Test Again" to see if this has solved the issue. Would you like to get connected? Report them here: Click MeIs your receiver compatible with MRV? You may experience poor quality or intermittent loss of video on your wireless clients.

For customer who cannot use IPPV they have 3 other options: 1. HD DVRs: HR44 + AM21; HR24 Receivers: H25-500 HD Receiver Mobile Devices: NomadAdditional equipment configuration detailsSun & moon help site your satellite dish Back to top #24 OFFLINE mts30 mts30 A problem was detected reading your internal storage device. To view your account Information, please visit www.directv.com/myaccount .

A problem has been detected. HR44 Only * Reboot the modem/router. * If the customer has a separate modem from the router, be sure to unplug the modem first, then the router. * Plug the modem Only on D10s. 920 | "Missing Guide Info: Your receiver has not received guide information from the satellite for the past (3-13) hours. The box will track this lack of guide data updates and generate a code 46 after an hour and reboot the box after 12 hours which forces the box to reacquire

What happens after I sign in to NFL SUNDAY TICKET Online? The receiver is unable to use the second tuner for Live TV or Recordings because there are too many receivers connected to the coax network. This error is usually followed by other more specific errors that may provide specific information on points of failure. 21 A problem has been detected in the storage device. These issues may also lead to a code 21 at bootup.

What devices are supported by NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV app The following devices have been certified for the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app. This test and error code can appear at boot up and is periodically run in the background. Test with SWiM meter and upgrade to SWiM 16 if necessary 777 IPPV Ordering Disabled 60 days with no callback, either resolve callback issue or disable IPPV flag and resend all Hard drive is experiencing an initialization error or Critical Fault.