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It will display system directory.4. More... To stop receiving audio from a user call TT_DoUnsubscribe. lpnOutputDeviceIDThe ID of the default output device.

ReturnsA value from BearWare.SoundLevel.SOUND_GAIN_MIN to BearWare.SoundLevel.SOUND_GAIN_MAX. bLeftSpeakerTRUE if user should be played in left speaker. The nDeviceID of the SoundDevice should be used as nOutputDeviceID. See alsoTT_InitSoundOutputDevice TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOL TT_CloseSoundDuplexDevices ( IN TTInstance * lpTTInstance) Shut down sound devices running in duplex mode.

This is done using the function TT_GetSoundDevices() which returns an array of SoundDevice-structs containing a description of the sound device. More... Parameters lpSpeexDSPThe preprocessing settings to use, i.e. nOutputDeviceIDThe nDeviceID of SoundDevice extracted through TT_GetSoundDevices().

typedef VOIDTTSoundLoop Pointer to a sound loop for testing sound devices created by TT_StartSoundLoopbackTest() More... Note that 3d-sound does not work if sound is running in duplex mode (ClientFlag CLIENT_SNDINOUTPUT_DUPLEX). setting it to zero. boolBearWare.TeamTalk.ReleaseUserAudioBlock (AudioBlock lpAudioBlock) Release the shared memory of an BearWare.AudioBlock.

Should be used on MacOS. More... To stop receiving audio from a user call TT_DoUnsubscribe with SUBSCRIBE_VOICE. https://steamcommunity.com/app/6860/discussions/0/617329150706847804/ TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOLTT_ReleaseUserAudioBlock (IN TTInstance *lpTTInstance, IN AudioBlock *lpAudioBlock) Release the shared memory of an AudioBlock.

More... See alsoTT_SetSoundOutputVolume TT_GetSoundOutputVolume TT_SetUserVolume SOUND_GAIN_MAX The maximum gain level. The nDeviceID of the SoundDevice should be used as nInputDeviceID. static boolBearWare.TeamTalk.GetDefaultSoundDevicesEx (SoundSystem nSndSystem, ref int lpnInputDeviceID, ref int lpnOutputDeviceID) Get the default sound devices for the specified sound system.

nVolumeMust be between BearWare.SoundLevel.SOUND_VOLUME_MIN and BearWare.SoundLevel.SOUND_VOLUME_MAX. http://www.bearware.dk/teamtalksdk/v5.1c/docs/NET/group__sounddevices.html struct BearWare.AudioBlock An audio block containing the raw audio from a user who was talking. The AudioBlock contains shared memory with the local client instance therefore always remember to call TT_ReleaseUserAudioBlock() to release the shared memory. boolBearWare.TeamTalk.SetSoundInputGainLevel (int nLevel) Set voice gaining of recorded audio.

Callling this function will clear the flag CLIENT_SNDINPUT_READY. enum SoundLevel { SOUND_VU_MAX = 100, SOUND_VU_MIN = 0, SOUND_VOLUME_MAX = 32000, SOUND_VOLUME_DEFAULT = 1000, SOUND_VOLUME_MIN = 0, SOUND_GAIN_MAX = 32000, SOUND_GAIN_DEFAULT = 1000, SOUND_GAIN_MIN = 0 } An enum encapsulation See alsoGetUserStoppedTalkingDelay bool BearWare.TeamTalk.SetUserPosition ( int nUserID, StreamType nStreamType, float x, float y, float z ) Set the position of a user. All BearWare.AudioBlock-structures extracted through TeamTalk.AcquireUserAudioBlock() must be released again since they share memory with the local client instance.

bMuteTRUE will mute, FALSE will unmute. Once streaming has finished it is recommended to reset the media buffer, i.e. boolBearWare.TeamTalk.Enable3DSoundPositioning (bool bEnable) Enable automatically position users using 3D-sound. uAFFThe AudioFileFormat to use for storing audio files.

Parameters nUserIDID of user. More... nStreamTypeThe type of stream to change, either STREAMTYPE_VOICE or STREAMTYPE_MEDIAFILE_AUDIO.

Press and hold Windows key on your keyboard, then press button R.2.

More... To stop receiving audio from a user call TeamTalk.DoUnsubscribe() with SUBSCRIBE_VOICE. Pass 0 to monitor local audio. TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOL TT_SetUserMediaStorageDir ( IN TTInstance * lpTTInstance, IN INT32 nUserID, IN const TTCHAR * szFolderPath, IN const TTCHAR * szFileNameVars, IN AudioFileFormat uAFF ) Store user's audio to disk.

Is there any connection between them what should I do? - Lance Forys Dll Sound Error Again? nStreamTypeThe type of stream to change, either STREAMTYPE_VOICE or STREAMTYPE_MEDIAFILE_AUDIO. it knows what sample rate to use. Sound duplex mode is required for echo cancellation since sound input and output device must be synchronized.

nOutputDeviceIDThe nDeviceID of BearWare.SoundDevice extracted through GetSoundDevices(). Or only the sound of it? A loop-back test of the selected sound devices can be performed using TeamTalk.StartSoundLoopbackTest(). TEAMTALKDLL_API TTBOOLTT_CloseSoundInputDevice (IN TTInstance *lpTTInstance) Shutdown the input sound device.

In order for echo cancellation to work best it's important to also enable AGC in the BearWare.SpeexDSP. bEnableTRUE to enable, otherwise FALSE. See alsoTT_SetSoundOutputVolume TT_GetSoundOutputVolume TT_SetUserVolume SOUND_VOLUME_MIN The minimum volume.