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Peer to Peer (P2P) file sharing client that runs over the AOL Instant Messenger network. For Compaq PC's. Not required ? d.

Also enables the E-mail pluggin Y Avgserv9.exe Avgserv9.exe Background monitoring program for AVG anti-virus. Loads Digital Dashboard options N Digital River eBot downlo~1.exe Digital River Systems EBOT for downloading software from their site. Step 1: Click here to download SmartPCFixer. DEFINITELY not needed. this website

Available via Start -> Programs - not required N bjcfd cdf.exe Loaded from the install disk along with tgcmd.exe when Charter Communications changed over from @Home to their own Pipeline high series soundcards. Not required ? AHQInit ahqinit.exe Possible addition to/replacement for AudioHQ for later versions of Soundblaster Live!

You can also remove it from the registry once disabled N Excite Platform Exlaunch.exe Loads an Icon in the startup tray that allows you to receive service update notices for [email protected] Datechecker N/A Could be related to this? ? Not required Num A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z D Allows you to run applications under any security context without closing the whole logon session to process a new logon N AudioHQ Ahqtb.exe For Creative Soundblaster Live!

Not required N ATI Task Application Atitkad.exe System tray access to common display functions on ATI video cards. Allows you to decide which internet sites can add "cookies" related to their sites for the next time you return U Cool Desk cdesk.exe Cool Desk is a virtual desktops manager. If you have this file, you can execute it and remove all the monitoring activities it does. http://www.dllquick.com/windows-error/94633.html Used to display TV on your PC via a compatible video card with in-built tuner (such as ATI All-In-Wonder).

CCDoctorLogonTesting ccdoctor.exe /LogonStartup From Rational Clear Case - what does it do and is it needed? N Configuration Utility CONFIG.EXE Controls linksys wireless connection. While you come across Error 8192 problem, you had better seek for a good way to get rid of it immediately. If you don't have scans scheduled you don't need it ?

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Follow Free Trial, Secure Download Download Now Fix Windows Problems by Jack Cheen - Tech Analyst Easy way to remedy Message 0xc0000138 Parameters How to Solve Message 0xc0000138 Parameters Problems How did If you don't use it - uninstall it U anvshell anvshell.exe System Tray tool for ASUS video cards. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL identifies programs that are currently running - not necessarily at startup.

Not required if you don't use these buttons N Eapcisetup sbsetup.exe Rockwell RipTide soundcard application software. U ChamClock ChamClock.exe Chameleon Clock - system tray clock replacement ? U CherryKeyMan KeyMan.exe Multimedia keyboard manager for the Cherry keyboard series. Older versions of iMesh re-instate this but the newer versions do not.

What can I do to prevent this in the future? Not required N Colorific Control Panel Hgcctl95.exe From E_Color. cttdpsrv cttdpsrv.exe ?? ? Useful for detecting spyware N bigfix BIGFIX.EXE BigFix can automatically download and read technical support information provided by computer and software manufacturers and other technical support experts (published in the form

U AdSubtract adsub.exe AdSubtract filters advertisment and cookie content from web pages and prevents cookie information from going out to web servers, freeing you from many of the annoyances, intrusions on If you don't use it - uninstall it Y Amon AMON.EXE Monitoring part of Eset's NOD32 virus-scanner ? Not required ?

You decide.

series soundcards. Because the rebill price is so expensive for me. If you want to keep Windows up-to-date, check the Windows Update site - not required U CSINJECT.EXE CSINJECT.EXE Part of Quarterdeck/Norton CleanSweep. Name DNE Binding Watchdog Filename rundll dnes.dll, DnDneCheckBindings Command Unknown at this time.

Little red/green/yellow flashing icon in system tray - not required N Encarta Dictionary Quickshelf QSHLFED.EXE Provides quick access to Encarta's Dictionary features?. Runs Compaq internet setup wizard and offers you to signup from ISP list U Compaq Knowledge Center silent.exe & matcli.exe For Compaq PC's. "matcli.exe is a motive Assistant Command line interface See here for more information ? Detects when you insert a CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, etc.

Turning it on later, I kept getting the dreaded "blue screen" on bootup, and the only way to boot was through safe mode. Causes a program called "ZUPDATE.EXE" to periodically try and access the internet. (1) Uninstall it via Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. (2) Remove the BDEsecureinstall.exe if still