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Diagnosing Xp Shutdown Hangs


All that I found were conflicts with specific software, specific hardware, or drivers. A general reminder of a great general tip: You will get the best results if all RAM in a particular computer matches in all respects! Do this at once, and cross your fingers! [Various users report difficulty with this. According to Jack Dunne, this is similar to a known Windows 2000 problem.

I've tried these tweaks and tips on many systems. Copyright © 2016, TechGenix Ltd. If this option is enabled, you can disable it by double clicking on the setting and choosing the Disabled option. That isn't the case now and likely won't be in the near future, so I think it's time to update and see what has been learned about shutdown issues.

Computer Won't Shut Down Windows Xp

Semantics, you say? But if you use DEVLDR32 (ver from the I386 folder, this problem doesn't occur. Hardware Issues section below, several different USB-related issues can impact shutdown. There is a problem with the SAUSB.SYS file, apparently part of the Win98 SE driver set for this device, retained during an upgrade to Win XP.

The links page just mentioned provides a 10-step approach to troubleshooting STOP Messages in general, then itemized analysis on the most common of these. (STOP messages are identified by an 8-digit If you rename DEVLDR32 (ver in SYSTEM32, another one will replace it. (First, you need to press Ctrl+Alt+Del and end DEVLDR in Task Manager). When you close all Office programs, this module stays active. Windows Xp Doesn't Shut Down To see if your shutdown problem is caused by this issue, look for error 0x80248011 in any of the Windows Update log files, particularly %windir%\SoftwareDistribution\ReportingEvents.log.

To determine whether or not these features are enabled on your PC, enter the GPEDIT.MSC command at the Run prompt to load the Group Policy Editor. Several people solved this reboot-on-shutdown problem by deleting the UDFRINST file. for jogging my memory. The default time-out for shutdown scripts is 10 minutes.

Rarst 6 years ago # @prit Hm, likely some Windows files were mapped to that drive or something. Windows Xp Automatic Shutdown Problem The next thing that I recommend doing is to open the device manager and make note of the make and model of your system’s major hardware components. The newer version 4.3 SAUSB.SYS driver from Lexar’s Web site works perfectly, and does not cause a shutdown problem. (Tip from correspondent Eric Brown.) Though one correspondent reported that the even When he deleted or renamed this one file, his problems went away. (Of course, you lose your CD functionality that way, too.) Video Pack 5.

Windows Xp Not Shutting Down Completely

And quickest way to solution is using utility or reading log that tells exactly what is wrong. :) Elimination is last resort - for cases like this. Go Here If you suspect that Easy CD Creator may be causing your problem, then I recommend upgrading to a newer version rather than patching an old version. Computer Won't Shut Down Windows Xp However, other factors can sometimes interfere with correct powerdown functioning. Windows Xp Won't Shutdown Or Restart Under "System Failure," uncheck the box in front of "Automatically restart." Here are some things that have produced this reboot-instead-of-shutdown symptom: By now, the Roxio/Adeptec Easy CD / Direct CD software

Smith reported a more obscure cause of slow shutdown: In Win XP Professional, the Group Policy Editor has a security option to clear the pagefile at system shutdown. If so, press . In the right pane, find “Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile.” MS-MVP Gary Thorn discovered that the Event Log can slow down Win XP shutdown. For example, a few people have reported an error message that EXPLORER.EXE has become unresponsive during shutdown when they have used Win XP’s native CD-burning capabilities during that Windows session. Windows Xp Freezes On Shutdown

After installing it, test Windows shutdown. If you have one or more USB devices attached to your computer, you may receive the following error message on a blue screen at shutdown: Stop 0x000000D1 (0x00000040, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xfc96a9dc). joshua 5 years ago # I have a problem in starting up and shutting down,when i start the PC after the boot window appear, it will produce a sound a loud This is not the appropriate shutdown fix for most machines, but does help some users with Windows shutdown problems, and not just with powerdown issues as one might suspect.

If so, then you can determine, by trial and error, which program(s) are involved. Windows Xp Saving Your Settings Thanks for the links. –AaronSieb Aug 26 '09 at 15:12 @Aaron, I'd say don't go by the general statements on these links, but look at the points they have When you do, you will see the System Properties sheet.

Now, navigate through the console tree to Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Local Policies | Security Options.

At present, they remain uncertified (PowerVR, who makes the Kyro II chip, is working on that), but they reportedly work just fine. And God help you if you try to uninstall System Works. If approved compatible hardware and software are used, including XP-specific drivers, we see almost no shutdown problems at all. Windows Xp Shutdown Problem More info at Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification Important Information The Elder Geek sites contain many articles and suggestions for modifying the Windows operating system.

UDFRINST. To enable this, right-click on the My Computer icon, click Properties | Hardware | Device Manager | View. Site visitor Tony Barkdull, for example, found that an enforced logoff script caused show shutdown for laptops that were off-site. SHUTDOWN PROBLEMS IN WINDOWS 9x.

As with every new operating system that comes along -- especially one that is as much of a "step up" as Windows XP is from Windows 9x -- the recommendation is If there is an APM tab, make sure the "Enable Advanced Power Management Support" box is checked. (MSKB 313290) This should resolve the powerdown issue in most cases. Learn more about this here. SBLive: DEVLDR32.EXE PROBLEMS In the early days of Win ME, one of the biggest culprits for shutdown issue was the Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live.

Please make sure that if there is any updates need to be updated immediately. I successfully loaded and tested the Fax service. Under "Startup & Recovery," click Settings. In researching known causes of shutdown problems in earlier versions of NT-family operating systems, most of what I found referred to problems that were resolved in later versions.

On 7/14 I did a pristine install of XP-Pro on a reformatted HD with "old" 98SE drives saved on other HD's. Click Power Management. Rarst 7 years ago # @Lyndi It's kinda rare of an issue. If the script is on a network share and the connection is no longer available (since authentication has terminated), the script can’t run.